AM/FM with Chris Liebing

W tym dziale możecie znaleźć informacje o tych audycjach, które odbywają się u nas cyklicznie.
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AM/FM with Chris Liebing

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Podcast: AM/FM
Gatunek: Techno
Autor: Chris Liebing
Transmisja: Każda środa / godzina 02:00

O audycji: This show is all about the music in the moment it was played. It kind of functions like an audible dj diary. The idea behind it is that I choose a recent set that I played and deliver it to you unedited, raw and direct, in 60 minutes pieces on a weekly basis. For example, if I play a three hours set somewhere, it will be divided in three 60 minutes long AM/FM shows, so after three weeks you will have the full set. You could even put them into a playlist and listen to the whole set with seamless transitions. I try to keep the commentaries to a minimum, so that you get a maximum amount of music.

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