GP4000 collection China manufacturer & supplier | Vicpas

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GP4000 collection China manufacturer & supplier | Vicpas

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Vicpas is a worldwide provider of touch monitors, defensive movie, membrane keyboard keypad, lcd shows, and plastic case/housing, presenting expert one-prevent carrier for automation system maintainers and traders. Vicpas has a robust HMI parts supply chain control device and deep cooperation with Elo, Microtouch, Gunze, DMC, AMT, Sharp, NEC, Kyocera, Panasonic and other worldwide producers, and its shipments are leading the industry.

The GP4000 shielding movie contact screen HMI collection gives great connectivity, clean-to-study displays, and more than one display screen length alternatives. Our huge style of HMIs encompass preferred, simple, Compact, Modular, hand-held, and HMIs with manipulate. All are equipped with best-in-elegance Connectivity, powerful HMI functionality, and complete Compatibility with legacy pro-face GP-seasoned EX and GP3000 products. GP4000 touch Panel front Overlay HMI drivers can help you “talk to” your selected p.C, imaginative and prescient machine, motion controller, temperature controller, inverter, bar code reader, and actuator. Here's information about proface gp4000 hmi, more info read on to know.